3 Reasons You Need a Musculoskeletal Assessment

Those who experience musculoskeletal pain oftentimes may not realize the seriousness of what is occurring in their bodies. They often ignore their discomfort or chalk it up to aging.  Musculoskeletal pain can consume the entire body and result in mild to severe chronic pain. The longer you go without treating a musculoskeletal issue, the worse it is likely to get. Pain, fatigue, and sleep discomfort are indications you may benefit from a musculoskeletal assessment. In this article, we will be sharing the 3 reasons you may need a musculoskeletal assessment. 

Assess the state of your musculoskeletal system

If you are like most people you probably don’t give much thought, if any, to the state of your musculoskeletal system. The only time we take notice is when we are experiencing severe pain. We often shrug mild pain off as “we slept wrong” or “just a crick in my neck”. This is an extremely detrimental mindset to have when it comes to your body.

low-angle photography of metal structureYour musculoskeletal system is tied into and affects more than you realize. A lot of pain can be addressed through the correct treatment protocol of the musculoskeletal system. Getting a musculoskeletal assessment can identify the state of your body. Your musculoskeletal physician will check your medical history and probably order an X-ray.

Diagnostic scans such as X-rays or MRIs can tell a musculoskeletal physician a lot about the state of your musculoskeletal system. That pain in your neck from “sleeping weird” might actually be the beginning of degenerative disc disease. This is only a small example of what can be uncovered from diagnostic scans.

Identify any underlying issuesPerson Holding White Printer Paper

Diagnostic scans will help the musculoskeletal physician identify any underlying issues you may have with your musculoskeletal system. You may have lived your entire life not knowing you have mild scoliosis. This has actually happened more than you think. 

Identifying an issue such as scoliosis or degenerative disc disease or a disc herniation will help a musculoskeletal physician construct a treatment plan for you. Trying to treat you without first identifying the underlying issues is like playing darts in a pitch-black room. The musculoskeletal assessment is absolutely necessary to be able to treat your issues and move towards a pain-free life.

Plan a path to a pain-free lifeman running near sea during daytime

The last and most important reason to get a musculoskeletal assessment is to finally start on a path to a pain-free life. Pain can completely derail our lives and make us become a person we hardly recognize. The worst thing you can do is write off the pain as a small event or excuse and skip the trip to your musculoskeletal physician. Your body is your number one asset. If you are in pain every day there’s a pretty big chance you aren’t as focused as you could be.

Here at Underwood Healthcare we understand the hardships of pain and have a conservative approach to healing. We strive to help our patients lead a healthy lifestyle without the pressure of pushing the limits or life-altering consequences of taking pain medication. If you or someone you know could benefit from a musculoskeletal assessment, be sure to schedule an appointment with us today. 

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