Learning How to Maintain Your Human Frame

Chiropractic is the Science, Art and Philosophy that concerns itself with the restoration of good health by restoring and maintaining a properly functioning nervous system, without the use of drugs or surgery. 

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. These important functions are controlled by the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of the body. The skull protects the delicate tissues of the brain. The moving bones of the spine protect the vulnerable communication pathways of the spinal cord and nerve roots. If the nervous system is impaired, it can cause malfunction of the tissues and organs throughout the body. Doctors of Chiropractic call this the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

 The Chiropractic adjustment has been proven to increase motion, increase circulation, reduce swelling and pain, and remove nervous irritation. Once this nervous irritation is removed, your body is able to do what it is designed to do – heal itself.

How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractors help in restoring nervous system function. Many chiropractors also focus on the biomechanics of the body such as joint motion. Helping to restore proper spinal biomechanics and improved nervous system function begins with a case history. 

Your case history is vital, as it reveals the background about your health such as surgeries, accidents, the onset of your condition, and other details, which brought you into the office.

 After reviewing your history and discussing your specific problem, a thorough orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination is performed. X-rays may be taken which will help uncover structural and functional problems. Then, once the examination is complete, your chiropractor will explain the findings and outline a treatment plan. Progress is then monitored with periodic examination and follow-up reports.

Chiropractic at Underwood Healthcare

W. Martin Underwood D.C. (Chiropractic License – #CH7089) is the founder and lead physician of Underwood Healthcare. Pictured here he prepares to adjust a patient’s neck. Chiropractic is an important treatment method at Underwood Healthcare. Many patients never realized how much it could do for them in their healing process.

Dr. Underwood received his undergraduate bachelor’s of science degree in biology locally at the University of South Florida before attending Parker College to become a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Dr. Underwood has served the Tampa Bay area’s healthcare needs for over 20 years. He is certified in physiotherapy, acupuncture, and workers compensation as well.

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