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We recognize that many experiences with healthcare are very situational. Whether you are hurt from a specific event or are stuck in a complex treatment process we provide guidance and treatment for multiple situations. 

Car Accidents

People who have been involved in car accidents can experience intense and long lasting musculoskeletal injuries. One of the most common injuries sustained is whiplash. Whiplash is a sudden and intense hyperflexion and hyperextension of the human neck. This forceful back and forth movement can leave severe and everlasting damage in the bone structure of the spine, the discs in between vertebrae,  and ligaments and muscles that surround the vertebral column. 


At Underwood Healthcare we assist patients who have been in car accidents by structuring specific treatment models to their unique injuries. We understand how stressful of a situation a car accident can be. We are committed to helping our patients recover and get back to their pain free lives. 

Worker's Compensation

Whether you work a manual job or not there are risks of being injured while working. Many times these injuries are caused by lifting and straining some part of the musculoskeletal system. Underwood Healthcare assists patients who have been injured on the job by ensuring they are put through the most efficient treatment plan available so they can get back to their work and everyday lives pain free.


Independent Medical Examinations

At Underwood Healthcare we are a contracted Independent Medical Examiner for multiple medical cases that are referred to us. This involves us using the Underwood Healthcare mindset to evaluate a a patient’s treatment model and outcome from an unrelated clinical setting to ours. We enjoy being able to push the quality of conservative musculoskeletal healthcare further and offer our over 20 year experience in the space.

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