The 3000 Year Old Science

Approximately 3000 years ago Ancient Chinese physicians discovered the treatment method of Acupuncture. They realized that pain and the nervous system have a close relationship and that they were able to decrease pain by inserting needles and thin sharp bones into specific anatomical positions along the nervous system.

Thousands of years ago in Ancient China the nervous system was described as an energy, or chi, pathway, or meridian, that was responsible for the balance of the human body. It is incredible that so many years ago humans were able to describe the complex neurological phenomena known as the nervous system.

The nervous system is responsible for much of both the pain and healing that occurs in our musculoskeletal systems. We can see examples of the nervous system’s role in our musculoskeletal system in patients who have had immense nerve damage and experience chronic musculoskeletal pain or paralysis as a result.

Here at Underwood Healthcare we have observed the healing nature of acupuncture first hand through our patients. A lot of our treatment modalities are aimed at restoring, activating, and strengthening the nervous system. We view acupuncture as simply another method of achieving those goals


Our Commitment to Innovation

We believe that our patients deserve a comprehensive array of pain reliving methods built into their treatment plans. Whether our patients are experiencing chronic pain, severe addiction, or other life altering conditions acupuncture can be an effective healing route for many injuries and pain points. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about how we are using Acupuncture to heal patients.

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