Physical Therapy

Getting You Back On Your Feet

Physical Therapy is the science that helps strengthen and restore the mechanics of functional systems in the body. Physical Therapy is done many times post injury or surgery but also is used as a pre surgery treatment method. A healthy and effective rehabilitation is crucial to the restoration of a healthy and effective body.  Many times if you find yourself in a situation involving needing Physical Therapy there is an injury or a reoccurring pain involved. Physical Therapy addresses how to recover and strengthen from an injury or pain.  A successful physical therapy is absolutely crucial to a recovery. Many times if the therapy is done incorrectly or not at all you may find yourself always having pain in that part of your body. At Underwood Healthcare we put our patients’ outcomes above anything else. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to ensuring a pain free life for all of our patients, without the use of medications or injections.

Physical Therapy at Underwood Healthcare

At Underwood Healthcare we structure a physical therapy plan tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Our team works closely with every patient to make sure they reach the highest outcome possible. The unique thing about our treatment plan is it goes according to the patient’s needs. We have the knowledge, staff, equipment, and determination necessary to provide each patient with a treatment plan that will work for them. Physical therapy is just one of the multiple treatment methods we provide. We believe that the healing process is a lifestyle. We teach all of our patients the correct at home exercises for them to continue the process even after they exit our doors.

    Take The First Step to a Pain Free Life