3 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Burning Back Pain

Back injuries can be kryptonite to your daily life. Included in the many side effects of back pain is a burning sensation. People often shrug this off as being sore but actually this could be a sign of a very serious underlying cause. In this article we will discuss some of the causes for burning back pain so you can be informed on what is going on.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is something that slowly takes effect on our bodies and can cause daily chronic pain along the spine. The spine and nervous system have a close integrated relationship. Damage or degeneration sustained to the spine can cause serious pain.beige and white skeletonOur spine is made up of vertebrae that have small gelatinous discs in between them. There are a number of things that can make those discs in between the vertebrae weaken and shrink. Age, injury, or incorrect repetitive movements are known to cause the discs to prematurely degenerate. When discs degenerate it causes more bone on bone pressure which causes chronic inflammation and pain.

Although degenerative disc disease can cause chronic issues such as inflammation and pain, proper treatment can slow down the degeneration to a relatively pain free level. As humans our discs naturally degenerate over time but the goal is to keep a natural degeneration.

Sprain and Strains2 men in red and white jersey shirt sitting on ground during daytime

Whenever you stretch or hyperextend a muscle or ligament passed it’s natural point of mobility you experience either strain or sprain. These strains and sprains are really tears at the micro level. This causes the body to respond with inflammation. Inflammation causes nerve irritation within our nervous system which we perceive as pain.

The pain we experience with back sprains and strains can cause a burning sensation and serious debilitation. When these injuries are left to fester it often completely changes the flexibility and range of motion of the affected area. This is how these injuries that started as acute injuries become chronic injuries. 

Many people turn to at-home treatment for this type of pain. It is important to know that in order to safely use these remedies, they must be used at the correct time and stage of the injury. Contact your musculoskeletal physician to make sure proper care is in place for your sprain or strain and that the use of ice or heat is being used at the proper stage of the injury. Also check out our blog on relieving back pain at home.

Disc InjuriesDrawing of a Skull

We talked earlier about disc degeneration and how it causes burning back pain. Another cause of burning back pain is an actual injury to your disc. These injuries include slipped discs, bulged discs, disc herniations, extrusions, or protrusions. These can be some of the worst causes of burning back pain.

Disc injuries can be life-altering and depending on the severity may require complex surgeries. Burning back pain is sometimes only one of many severe and serious symptoms ranging from discomfort, numbness, to extreme debilitating pain. Disc injuries are a very common injury sustained in car accidents. Check out our blog here where we go more into detail on those injuries. Male massage therapist doing neck massage on patientA lot of patients experience back pain and immediately write it off as regular soreness. As we have covered in this article there are many underlying causes for burning back pain. We only covered 3. It is important to act on the pain as it will rapidly increase over time and start to cause chronic issues such as inflammation and loss of mobility. You should contact your musculoskeletal physician if you are experiencing any sort of back pain or symptoms similar to these. They will construct and guide you through a treatment plan that will get you back on your feet living a pain free life.

The luxury of living a pain-free life begins and ends with your lifestyle. This involves routinely doing stretches and exercises as well as keeping in touch with your musculoskeletal physician to ensure that any problems are being addressed through the proper care being put in place. Educating yourself on the proper exercises and stretches is very important. Check out our youtube where we highlight exercises you can do at home. At Underwood Healthcare we pride ourselves on not only top-level treatment but also top-level patient education.

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