3 Reasons Hands on Physical Therapy Is Superior

A lot of people don’t realize how beneficial touch and a hands on approach is to the rehabilitation of the human frame. Unfortunately not every physical therapy practice takes a hands on approach to the patient’s treatment. This leaves many patient’s treatment plans falling short of full rehabilitation. There are many things that a hands off physical therapy approach misses when it comes to full rehabilitation. In this article, we will go over 3 ways in which a hands on physical therapy approach is extremely beneficial to a patient’s rehabilitation.

Increasing Circulation 

Increasing blood flow and circulation is one of the absolute best ways to bring a body part back to a pain free and strong state. Not only does an increased circulation help body parts during rehab but maintaining a healthy blood and oxygen flow allows for key muscles in the body to function properly and efficiently. One major modality of Physical Therapy that increases circulation is a massage therapy technique called myofascial release. This is where the therapist focuses on contracted muscles in order to release the contraction and increase circulation. This can be extremely important for patients who have serious scar tissue build-up, post-surgery muscle pain, or chronic pain issues. 

Hands on physical therapy not only helps increase your circulation but also helps to break up and reduce inflammation. Most of the musculoskeletal pain we experience is associated with some type of inflammation.

Reduces Inflammation and Associated PainYoung woman in pain in leg in cast

What a lot of patients do not understand is that a large amount of the pain we experience in our musculoskeletal systems is caused by inflammation. Inflammation can arise from many different causes such as nerve irritation, injury, or infection. It is our body’s natural response but if untreated can lead to serious acute and chronic pain.

The hands on physical therapy approach allows therapists to really work with their patients and get a feel for what is going on within the patient. Functional capacity evaluations and other hands on tests will give the therapist an insight into which areas need strengthening and mobility work. 

When inflammation has taken hold for a very long time there is reduced mobility and often a scar tissue build-up. It should be the goal of every physical therapist to reduce pain and increase range of motion.

Increasing Mobility and Range of Motionpair of blue-and-white Adidas running shoes

Increasing mobility and range of motion is the absolute key to not only recovering but then ensuring a normal pain free life. A patient may have undergone a surgery, injury, or chronic pain that has caused them to lose their full range of motion. One of the best ways to get that back is through hands-on physical therapy.

Many patients may never get back to a full range of motion just on their own. It sometimes requires the assistance and guidance of a therapist working with the patient to make sure they are safely increasing their mobility with every stretch and exercise they perform. When a patient has a therapist working closely with them hands on it allows them to explore their limits in a controlled environment. It is through treatments like these where a patient can reach full range of motion and start to strengthen those areas. This continued strengthening can act as a prevention to future injuries and other age related issues. 

At Underwood Healthcare, we believe it’s important to keep you informed and aware. We want you to not only know the benefits but to feel the benefits of hands-on physical therapy for yourself. Find out of you could benefit from hands-on physical therapy and book an appointment with us today!

Here Is A Technique We Use A Lot In Our Hands On Physical Therapy

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