5 Easy Steps to Reducing Back Pain When Standing

A lot of positions can cause back pain. One position that can be unrelenting on the back is a prolonged standing position. You may have a job that requires prolonged standing and it may cause you to experience a lot of pain. Many times people just accept the pain and do nothing about it. There are some simple steps you can take to reduce your pain from standing. We will explain them so hopefully you can help avoid a life filled with back pain.

Identify Where the Pain Comes From

An important part to reducing your pain is to understand what causes it and where it comes from. If you have been experiencing pain from standing we already know this is the position where you experience the pain the most, but where does the pain come from?black compass with magnifying glassTry to think about which section of your back the pain originates from and if it travels to any other part of your body. You may be experiencing pain exclusively on one side of your body. If that’s the case take note of that for if you eventually seek medical attention. If you can reduce the pain with simple stretches and exercises then the necessity for medical attention is reduced.

Mix Some Stretches and Exercises in to Your Routine

One of the absolute best ways to reduce the pain is to consistently stretch and perform area focused exercises. The keyword to that is consistently. If you really want to reduce the pain you have to work at it! The first step is to find which exercises are reducing the pain.selective focus photography of white arrow signage

A major step is to identify your directional preference. In a clinical setting, we usually do this through complex medical diagnosis. For someone who is trying to immediately implement an at home treatment, self exercises can be critical in identifying the problem and potential solution.

You will want to establish your directional preference by identifying if either extension or flexion reduces your pain. If one of these increases the pain you should stop that motion immediately. Click here to see our video on at home back exercises where we show you both flexion and extension.

Focus on Correct Posturegrayscale photo of man in black jacket figurine

The extremely cliche part of back pain is it can easily be reduced by consistently practicing proper posture. To live a pain-free life requires a lifestyle change. Slumping your posture is the number one invitation for back pain. Keeping your back straight with your head up and shoulders back is the best way to avoid these painful positions.

Try Some Strengthening Exercises

A great posture keeps you pain-free and actually trains and strengthens your neck and back muscles. Strengthening your core muscles can do really incredible things for the reduction of pain. Click here to see some simple core strengthening exercises.women's black sports bra

Know When to Contact your Musculoskeletal Physician 

The great thing about our musculoskeletal systems is we have the ability to maintain them ourselves through lifestyle changes. That is also the hard part for many people. If you have taken the correct changes by practicing correct posture and performing your daily exercises and you still have pain: it’s time to contact your musculoskeletal physician.

If you don’t know what we mean by a musculoskeletal physician we mean a physician who will take the time to analyze and diagnose your conditions without the use of injections or pain killers. The right physician will be able to pinpoint the problem and provide you a treatment solution without altering your life forever with pharmaceuticals.man facing clouds during golden timeAt Underwood Healthcare we pride ourselves on helping our patients in their struggles with pain. Chronic and acute pain can be a life-altering thing for many people. We’re here to make sure our patients get the highest quality treatment so they can live the pain-free life they deserve.

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