How to Relax the Back During Pain

Extreme back pain. We have all been there and if you haven’t: consider yourself lucky. The only thing that matters when you are experiencing back pain is how to get rid of it. The pain can feel like it’s never going away and seriously alter your life while you have it. We will make sure you are able to reduce the pain and relax your back in 3 easy steps.

Remove Yourself from the Painful Position or Situation Immediatelyman sitting on chair outside building during daytime

Whether it’s standing, sitting, or laying down that is causing you to be in pain, the first step to reducing the pain is to get out of the position or situation that is causing you pain. Slowly move to find a position that is the least painful for you.

Once you’re in a position that is comfortable for you it’s time to ice the area down and use some electrical stimulation therapy to relax the muscles.

Use the proper Ice and Electrical Stimulation Recovery Method

Ice Cubes

Chances are that some muscles in your back have gone into a serious contraction, or spasm, and need to be relaxed. Ice the area down for around 20 minutes. Then apply a form of electrical stimulation to the area. The two can be done together or separately- whatever your preference is. Electrical stimulation can be done through a device called a TENS unit. If you do not own a TENS unit we highly suggest you purchase one for situations like these.

Check out our blog 3 Steps to Recover from Back Spasms for a more in-depth look at how to recover from back spasms. We go over not only how to recover from the pain but also some exercises on how to avoid the pain going forward.

Avoid the Painful Situations and Positions Going Forward

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One of the most important ways to maintain proper musculoskeletal health is to be familiar with your body. If you know that a certain situation can cause you serious pain you need to avoid putting your body in that position. Whether it is sitting for too long or lifting heavy objects you are ultimately responsible for identifying which painful situations to avoid.

If you do find yourself in a painful situation or can’t seem to get your pain to go away it is always a great idea to consult with your musculoskeletal physician. They’ll create the treatment protocol that is correct for you and equip you with exercises to make the correct lifestyle changes. Remember: Living a pain-free life involves making lifestyle changes.

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