3 Crucial Next Steps if You Had a Car Crash Today

Car accidents can be one of the worst injuries to your musculoskeletal system you can sustain. Even the most mild car accident can create musculoskeletal injuries that yield inflammation and chronic pain for years and decades to come. The worst mistake you could make after a car accident is to shrug it off and not assess and fix the problems in your body. In this blog we will go over what to do once you have been in an accident.

Immediately Receive an Assessment from a Medical Provider

The first step after a car accident, and any injury in general, should be to contact a medical provider. You may think you know your body but a physician will be able to accurately assess and diagnose your issue.

Crop osteopath checking up arm joint of unrecognizable female patientPeople may sustain a mild injury from a car accident and not notice the consequences until they become chronic down the road. When you shrug off serious musculoskeletal pain and inflammation as “sleeping in the wrong position” you are doing a serious disservice to your health. 

Your health is the number one priority. This is why the absolute first step is to receive a medical assessment. Although you will undoubtedly receive more treatment down the road it’s extremely important you talk to a provider and assess the situation immediately. Once you have a structured plan in place the next step is to start the official process with your insurance.

Contact Your Insurance

Woman In Black Blazer Holding Smartphone

The next step you will need to take is to contact your car insurance and get them involved. Your insurance will be able to start the official process of your claim. It is important to get your claim as soon as possibly.

You will receive two claim numbers: one for your body and one for your car. Both of these are required for the documentation for your medical treatment and legal case. You will want to make sure that both your body and car are repaired, regardless of whose fault the accident was.

Black Pen Placed on White PaperWhen it comes to the liability of the accident, you will want to make sure that everything that is documented is correct and accurate. That is why we suggest the very last step after having an accident is to seek out legal counsel.

Seek Legal Counsel 

The last step you will need to take is to seek out legal counsel on your accident. An attorney will be able to help you and represent you in your case. If the accident was not your fault they will be able to recover for the damages to your car and body.

3 Women in Suit SittingNo matter what: you will always want to seek legal counsel on the matter. It may not always be so clear as to who is liable for the damages. Legal matters can be confusing and complex. Just like with medicine, law, and anything important: it is always crucial to have a specialist by your side. 

It is very common for those who have encountered a car crash to put repairs, phone calls, and other important factors before their health. Your health is our first priority and should be yours too. If you or someone you know had a car crash today be proactive and contact your medical provider for an evaluation. As always, here at Underwood Healthcare, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Drive safely.

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