Underwood Healthcare During COVID-19

Here at Underwood Healthcare we pride ourselves on having treated and healed the community of Tampa Bay for over twenty years. When Hillsborough county was one of the first two confirmed cases on March 1st we knew we would need to take special precautions. A majority of our patients require medically necessary treatments, often as the result of or in preparation for a life altering surgery. Our therapy is manual in nature and requires a hands on approach. We knew we would need to do something fast.


We immediately equipped our staff with gloves and masks. Our protocol was already in place to sanitize every area with hospital grade chemical cleaners in between patients. Things then escalated towards a state of emergency. Throughout this entire time and from the very beginning we have ensured we have taken all necessary precautions to create a healthy and safe environment for our patients. Our patients are the most important thing to us. Since things have escalated so has our protocol. Every patient and employee is screened with a questionnaire and temperature reading upon entrance into our clinics. Every employee AND patient is equipped with gloves and a mask every single day. Many patients, and non medical personnel, are experiencing difficulty even finding masks and gloves at their local stores. Many of our patients count on us for their daily protection. We have protocols in place to maintain a distance of 6 feet in between persons at all times. We have implemented and maintained the CDC protocols from the very beginning and will continue to do so.


Underwood Healthcare is committed to our patients and employees. We will continue to create a healthy, safe, and healing environment for our patients no matter the cost. We have even begun to make masks to account for the shortage in stores. Our community is together now more than ever. It is important to give help where you can. For many this means shutting down and staying home. We do not have that option as an essential component to our patients’ medically necessary treatment plans. For us it means to continue to create a safe and calming atmosphere for our patients who are already going through a stressful and painful time. If there is anyway Underwood Healthcare can help you please reach out to us at (813) 644-7017 and let us know. We are in this together.


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