Laser Therapy

The Healing Power of Technology

Advances in medicine are constantly making technology obsolete. One thing is definitely here to stay: laser therapy. Classification 4 Lasers have the ability to non invasively heal tissue underneath the skin. This technology has made recovering from surgeries and injuries a much more complete process.

There are many conditions that laser therapy can help with. Some of the common examples include: Post-surgery scar tissue build up, Chronic joint pain and arthritis, TMJ, carpal tunnel, sciatica, bursitis, Sports injuries, disc injuries, and plantar fasciitis, Soft tissue damage, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, and migraines

This list only contains a fraction of the possible treatable conditions. New implementations in medicine for laser therapy are being discovered and used every year.

Laser Therapy at Underwood Healthcare

Underwood Healthcare uses a class 4 laser to help break up scar tissue and improve the range of motion in the chronic and acute pain areas of patients. This treatment is extremely useful for both post-operation patients and chronic pain patients. 

We often use Light Therapy in combination with other musculoskeletal treatment methods. We believe that our patients deserve every possible conservative treatment solution possible when it comes to their pain. 

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