CBD Therapy and Products

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Innovations in the Medical Cannabis industry have allowed for the isolation of cannabinoids to be used for medical treatment purposes. Research about the anti-inflammatory effects of Cannabidoil are undeniable and scientifically verified. The Cannabidoil prevents both inflammatory and neuropathic pain. This makes the Cannabidoil a great substitute for most injections and pain killers.

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Here at Underwood Healthcare we have integrated CBD infused products into an ultrasound and massage therapy treatment to assist in extreme pain relief. We are committing to offering every available conservative treatment method possible to our patients. We understand the world of Cannabis is new and controversial and have taken the utmost precautions to ensure all products we use have been lab tested for below the legal amount of the psychoactive part: THC.

These products are also available for purchase at an Underwood Healthcare location and mainly take the form of ointments and creams. CBD infused ointments and cream are often the most effective in terms of analgesic ability due to their topical application. This type of product assures that the anti-inflammation powers of the cannabidiol is delivered directly to the area of pain- especially when delivered through ultrasound. Give us a call today to learn more about the oils and ointments available and how they can be used in your pain relief treatment.

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